gollark’s modem protocols#

osmarks (gollark) has a few protocols of their own, either running on vanilla CraftOS or on PotatOS.

Lightweight Messaging System#

Lightweight Messaging System is a modem protocol running on port 3636. It is an unauthenticated, unencrypted protocol to exchange simple messages between computers, usually players.

LMS packets consist of a table like:

{ message = "message", username = "username" }

Where the message and username are nominally strings (though this is not validated). Messages are clipped to 128 characters (in the ComputerCraft character encoding, ComputerCraft encoding) and scrubbed of some banned content in the official client, though usernames are not.

The official LMS client also transmits a “Connected.” message on startup.

PotatOS LANcmd#

PotatOS LANcmd is a modem protocol intended for management of PotatOS networks. It allows exactly two messages, update and shutdown, which trigger an update and shutdown respectively. It uses port 62381.


Rift is a protocol and program for coordinating Mekanism teleporters (normally point-to-point) to function as an any-to-any system. It runs over port 31415.

The protocol consists of ordered tables. These can represent either a command, result or error. By default, these are not addressed: a command is processed by all listening Rift devices and there is no way to track what caused an error.

An error message contains a string representation of the error, and result contains various types depending on the command in use.

Available commands are the following:


The result is a table containing only the “rift ID” (label) of the receiver.


Trigger an update from Pastebin; no response, as this triggers a reboot.


Takes a “from” rift ID and “to” rift ID, and is processed only by the matching computer, if any - it sets the frequency of the teleporter to one which should also be used by the remote, linking them), and handle_disconnect, which sets the teleporter to a “null” frequency which should be unused (to be used when the remote initiates a disconnect).

Apiaristics Division Laser Coordination Protocol#

Apiaristics Division Laser Coordination Protocol is a protocol for controlling a laser and sensor pair from Plethora. It uses channel 55 on ComputerCraft modems.


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EnderMail is a system and protocol for sending and receiving messages using ender chests.


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Laser TBM Coordination Protocol#

Laser TBM Coordination Protocol is a protocol for controlling a laser from Plethora.


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BaseNet is an asynchronous and distributed task execution protocol. It uses channel 23032 by default on ComputerCraft modems.


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