ComputerCraft wired bus#

Peripherals can also be attached to a wired network through a wired modem, not necessarily the one that is also connected to the computer. In the following configuration, the computer can access a printer and a monitor through the wired modem at its back:

A computer is connected to a printer through a wired modem, and to a monitor through another wired modem, the two wired modems being connected by a network cable.

In order to access the devices connected to the wired bus, one must use the peripheral methods of the modem (see the modem peripheral API), namely:

Computers connected to a wired network will, for one event emitted by a device on the wired network, receive this event as many times as it is connected to the network. For example, this computer will receive the events emitted by the monitor twice:

A computer connected through two wired modems to the same wired network.