Modem devices#

Computers in general can network through various ways. In ComputerCraft and OpenComputers, although other means such as redstone or other mods exist in order to make two computers communicate, the most common one is modems.

A modem is a device that allows hosts to send messages, as datagrams, on given ports (also named channels). These messages can either be directed at given computers, which is called “addressing”, or broadcasted.

A port can have different formats, specific to the modem type, and there can be a maximal number of opened ports by modem.

Messages can have varying types according to the modem type. Some examples are:

  • ComputerCraft modem messages can be a string, a number, or a table combining these types.

  • Skynet modem messages can be any message CBOR-encodable.

See the following documents for specific modem definitions.