OpenComputers modems#

OpenComputers adds network cards which you can add to computers for network connectivity. They actually have a maximum packet size. In order to calculate the packet size from the given sequence as the message format:

  • Take the product of the number of members in the sequence and two. This is because each member of the sequence adds two bytes of overhead.

  • Then, for each number of the sequence:

    • If it is a nil or a boolean, add four.

    • Otherwise, if it is an empty string, add one.

    • Otherwise, if it is a string, add the number of bytes in the string.

    • Otherwise, if it is a number, add eight.

Example sequences are the following:

  • "currentStatus", 300: the number of bytes of the packet is \(2 * 2 + 13 + 8 = 25\)

  • nil: the number of bytes of the packet is \(2 * 1 + 4 = 6\)


There is plenty more to say about OpenComputers modems. Also, might be worth to try and get the maximum packet size into the general modem abstraction.

See the OpenComputers modem API for more information.