A computer is a machine executing Lua code as machine code. Computers officially supported for thox are provided by the following projects:


While Daniel Ratcliffe (dan200) started the original ComputerCraft mod in 2011, he officially released the source code to version 1.79 on May 1st, 2017 so he could “devote time to other projects”; see commit ComputerCraft 1.79 initial upload.

It is now unmaintained, the community now mainly using CC:T, the fork made and maintained to this day by Jonathan Coates (SquidDev).

Supported versions of Lua are versions 5.1 to 5.3. This Lua runtime, with additional features specific to each computer, is provided by a multitude of projects:

  • Original ComputerCraft used a private fork of LuaJ version 2. It implements Lua 5.1.

  • ComputerCraft:Tweaked (CC:T) and CCEmuX use Cobalt, a fork of LuaJ version 2 by the same author. It implements Lua 5.1, and has “many features of LuaJ 3.0 (Lua 5.2) backported”.

  • CraftOS-PC uses CraftOS2-Lua, a fork of original Lua implementation version 5.1.

  • OpenComputers uses OC-LuaJ, a fork of LuaJ version 3.

There are several computer types available through these mods:

  • Basic and advanced computers, which are basic computers occupying a block in the Minecraft world.

  • Command computers, which are advanced computers able to execute server commands, alike command blocks.

  • Turtles, which are computers able to move and interact more with the surrounding world.

  • Basic and advanced pocket computers, which are computers that work as items.

These different computers vary in the devices they support; see Core bus to see the possibilities.