thox startup

thox can boot in multiple Lua environments; therefore, in order to simplify compatibility management within the system itself, we need to manage it beforehand, by offering a uniform interface to it like Multiboot in real-world system design.

On thox, this is accomplished using the startup script, which unifies the environment and available resources in a single canonical form while preserving most if not all of the capabilities.

The obtained environment is composed of the following:

  • A standard Lua environment, suited for the current Lua version.

  • The unified startup component and events system.

While the provided environment is uniform, the startup script is not. There is one startup script for each main platform thox can run on; see startup implementations for more information.

The goal of such a script is not to replace the default BIOS of either platform, as it breaks compatibility with most systems that will not support the environment provided by these startup scripts. It is mainly thought for thox as it provides components in a way that is compatible in design with the thox design.


This component could also check system integrity.