pkgd: the thox package management daemon#

thox manages the system through the filesystem using a dedicated package manager, named pkgd for “package (management) daemon”. The goal of such a software, to the end user, is to:

  • Install features on a per-need basis, with dependencies.

  • Keep the system up to date, thanks to a client/server protocol using HTTP and static files.

The choice of using a daemon instead of a library comes from the fact that the system and its files are a shared resource between processes, and thus accesses and modifications need to be regulated to avoid conflicts and corruptions.


At the beginning, package management should actually not be managed by a daemon, but the system should be built statically through a little utility in order to have the repository managed by a non-thox system. However, that prevents thox-specific tools being used, which is really a shame since building thox packages on thox is the end objective; maybe some kind of simulator can be done?

Maybe a pacstrap equivalent, which needs not to be used on the system which interacting is made with, but another thox-based system? Yeah, chicken & egg problem, I’ll have to work on that.