gpsd: the thox GPS daemon#

On thox, determining the device’s position and helping other devices to find their position is permitted through the GPS daemon.


Link to the GPS protocol; see GPS protocol.


Have a configuration for it, telling it the following information:

  • Should we use the protocol to get our position?

  • What is our fallback, as a 3D Vector?

  • Should we share our position through the protocol.

Describe what we mean by peer-to-peer, mostly in case of wireless modems only and no ender modems (since the latter are far too powerful…).

Say its a bad idea to share the position when thox runs on a pocket computer.

Manage position updates on turtle events.

gpsd RPC bindings#

Errors are the following:

class os.rpc.gps.errors#

Unable to locate the device.

Functions are the following:


Locate the device on Minecraft’s three-dimensional cartesian coordinates system, using the GPS protocol or the position set manually.


The table containing the coordinates.

Return type: