Video devices

A video device for thox is a peripheral for displaying information and graphics. Most video devices for thox are actually text displays. They can be accessed by thox sometimes directly, other times through an other peripheral, e.g. a GPU in OpenComputers.

Note that while a video device might not be considered a peripheral by the native system, thox abstracts it as is; for example, the internal display in ComputerCraft is considered a peripheral on the built-in bus.

With ComputerCraft monitors, the expected character encoding for displaying glyphs is the custom encoding; see ComputerCraft encoding.

For reference, in ComputerCraft, the monitor API is described through the term.Redirect class. The internal display API is available through the term module, while monitor peripherals’ implement the monitor API.


Describe capabilities, dimensions, character set, etc. 16-bit palette, definable?


Graphics modes. See more about Graphics Mode in CraftOS PC, with CraftOS PC emulating the text mode (ComputerCraft’s reference mode) as graphics mode 0 while providing other APIs.

BLittle API allows to use characters in the 80-9F range to draw more precise pixels.