JackMac’s protocols

JackMacWindows is the author of the CraftOS-PC emulator, and a number of snippets and programs as proof of concepts which he publishes as gists.

In this document, we’ll describe protocols of some of their software.

rawshell protocols

rawshell is an encrypted KVM protocol, announced as follows by its creator:

I’ve made a new remote shell program for ComputerCraft. Currently called “rawshell” (name WIP), it allows you to host a shell server on a computer that other computers can connect to over a modem, allowing those computers to run programs on the server and see the output.

Unlike the aging nsh program it replaces, rawshell features end-to-end encryption, backgrounding support, built-in password authentication, and custom launch programs/shells.

Support for file transfer is in progress as well.

—JackMacWindows on the Computer Mods Discord Server, June 6th, 2021

It uses a port protocol on port 5731 to setup a connection, then redirects connections on any port provided to the server through the command-line.


Describe the protocol.