thox, a multi-tasking OS for ComputerCraft

thox is an operating system for ComputerCraft providing pre-emptive multitasking, secure thread sandboxing and modern IPC facilities.

The source repository is available on my forge.

The documentation is organized as suggested by Daniele Procida in his conference “What nobody tells you about documentation” (watch), which was filmed at PyCon Australia 2017; watching this conference is recommended for contributing to this wiki. It uses a specific vocabulary; see Glossary.

Any question? Any issue? Any security flaw, such as a sandbox escape? You can either contact me by mail at or on the Computer Mods Discord Server (@cake).


This project is in early alpha and documentation-driven, which means the documentation will very probably be in advance on the code. This is because I strongly believe that while the code might disappear, what will stay is the concepts and the user experience attempted at in this project, and the notions covered in the documentation (including protocols’ and file formats descriptions).